Donald Duck cartoon character

Donald Duck, Donald Duck cartoon character.

Donald Duck – The Cartoon WorldDonald Duck made his debut on June 9th, 1934 when he appeared in the Silly Symphony cartoon The Wise Little Hen. He had a small role, but his plucky (and less than noble) personality had a chance to shine. Although he appears more goose-like in this cartoon, he already has his signature sailor’s hat and blue middy blouse.
He lost his temper for the first time on August 11th, 1934 when he appeared in the Mickey Mouse cartoon Orphan’s Benefit. Donald Duck is one of several characters helping to put on a show for several orphans. Donald tries to recite “Little Boy Blue,” but ends up throwing tantrums when the orphans keep heckling him.

Donald Duck Character – The Cartoon WorldAt first Donald Duck appeared in cartoons alongside Mickey, Goofy, and/or Pluto. The Band Concert (February 23rd, 1935) is one of the more famous of these cartoons. While Mickey conducts an outdoor concert, Donald tries to join in with his flute. Mickey does his best to foil Donald, but the Duck just won’t give up.

Don Donald (January 9th, 1937) marks Donald’s first starring role. This is also the first time we see Daisy Duck, though here she appears as Donna Duck. Here Donald unwittingly gives us lessons on how NOT to treat your sweetheart.

Donald Duck – The Cartoon WorldAlthough Donald was already more popular than Mickey by 1938, his real rise to stardom began during World War II. Donald’s stubborn personality and quick temper appealed to audiences at the time, and so he appeared in many war-related cartoons. The WWII propaganda cartoons were kicked off with Donald Gets Drafted on May 1st, 1942. This is where we learn that Donald’s middle name is Fauntleroy.

Donald Duck has been voiced by two people so far: Clarence “Ducky” Nash and Tony Anselmo.

Nash provided the voice of Donald Duck from 1934 to 1983. He died of leukemia on February 20th, 1985. Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)was the last feature film to have Clarence Nash provide the voice of Donald.

Before he died, Clarence Nash taught a young animator named Tony Anselmo to sound like Donald Duck. After Nash died, Anselmo became the voice of Donald.


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