Featured cartoons : The Arabian Knights

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Arabia. In Baghdad the rightful ruler is the young Prince Turhan, until the evil Sultan Bakaar and his minions usurped the throne. Turhan becomes a wanted man, narrowly escaping his pursuers when he encounters a magician Fariek, who transformed both of them into blue wisps of smoke, and then, once the guards had gone and they had become human again, enchanted a table (no carpets available) so that it could fly. Departing the city, they hide in a cavern, where they meet Raseem the Great, an incredibly strong man, who befriends them once he realises they are enemies of Bakaar. The three new allies then set off to enlist the aid of Turhan’s uncle the Caliph, travelling on a small donkey called Zazoom. They reach the Caliph’s city to find he too has been deposed by Bakaar, and is now imprisoned. Furthermore, his daughter, Turhan’s cousin Nida, is about to be sold into slavery. The allies manage to free her, but are cornered by Bakaar’s men until assistance arrives in the form of Bez, a man who is able to transform into any animal he can imagine. Turning into an elephant, he bulldozes through the guards and carries everyone to safety. The newly gathered group decide to work together to restore the kingdom to its proper rulers.

Cartoon Charaters

Prince Turhan
His scimitar might have mystical powers, since in at least one cartoon, he threw the sword at a tent filled with bad guys. It circled completely around, cutting every tent rope, and then returned to his hand like a boomerang. He is also a skilled climber and agile acrobat. Turhan was the rightful ruler of Baghdad until Bakaar deposed him. Now he leads a small band of specially skilled followers to free his country from the tyrant.

Princess Nida
Nida is a mistress of disguise. Nida was the daughter of the Caliph, and cousin of the Prince of Baghdad. Then the Sultan Bakaar usurped the throne, and imprisoned her and her father. Nida was taken to the slave auctions to be sold, only to be rescued by her cousin Turhan, who had gathered a small force of resistance fighters. She pledged her special skills to the group’s struggles to free their land from the tyrant.

A magician, Fariek could transform people into smoke, or enchant household objects to allow them to fly and act as transportation. Fariek was a magician living in Baghdad until the city was taken over by the evil Bakaar. Fariek ran into the rightful ruler, Prince Turhan, who was escaping from Bakaar’s men, and he threw his lot in with the deposed ruler, using his magic to help him evade his pursuers. He became the first member of Turhan’s resistance group, the Arabian Knights.

Bez can assume the form of any animal he can think of – he usually cries out a phrase indicating what he plans to transform into: “Shape of an eagle!” – “Size of an ant !”. How Bez came to possess his special abilities is uncertain. What is known is that he came to the aid of the deposed Prince Turhan and his party when they were surrounded by the forces of the evil Bakaar, and thus earned a place in the resistance group known as the Arabian Knights.

Raseem is superhumanly strong. Raseem was hiding out in a cave when he first encountered Prince Turhan and his ally Fariek, both of whom were on the run from the forces of the evil Sultan Bakaar. Having his own reasons for hating Bakaar, Raseem became their ally and the next member of the Arabian Knights.

Whenever anyone angers Zazoom, usually by pulling his tail, he becomes a whirlwind of destruction – literally. He is also able to fly along by spinning his tail for propulsion, and is capable of carrying passengers while doing so. Zazoom is a donkey. Somehow (probably through magical means) he gained the power to become a literal dervish of destruction whenever his tail is pulled. He is employed by Prince Turhan and the Arabian Knights as their beast of burden.

from : internationalhero.co.uk


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