atarashi uzumaki

I had read in a blog naruto,,,! there in saying that the main enemy is the brother own Naruto Uzumaki is atarashi ….! atarashi in describing have greater strength than Minato Namikaze, and therefore Minato sealed the Kyubi into naruto’s body to be beat atarashi, but atarashi strength is stronger than naruto and he also took the Kyubi from Naruto, but Naruto does not die like gaara the subscription shukakunya by Akatsuki, and remain in foster naruto as hokage naruto though defeated by atarashi and in rokudaime given the title Hokage,,!
atarashi origin
This name first appears when Jiraiya gave blood contract mastery No Jutsu Summoning Jutsu on Naruto, Naruto’s name on the list before it is Atarashi Uzumaki.
atarashi escape when Kyubi attacked Konoha, and Atarashi included in the s-class ninja organization Akatsuki. Atarashi including air controllers like his mother Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto is also his sister, like genkai kekkei path of Uzumaki clan. Uchiha Madara the founder of Akatsuki Akatsuki mewariskann reins of leadership at the Atarashi. Some say that Atarashi itself that makes Madara got Tobi back reincarnated in the body.

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