Guest Book on the Blog

Giving Decoration Clock on our blog. way he is:
1.”>Please click the following link -> 2. If you’re already on the site, please click on Want a clock on your Website? 3. Please look first at the available models of, ie starting from Analog, Animal, Animation, etc. 4. If in a sense already found a model at you like, click View HTML tag which is under the clock that you like last 5. Click the button labeled Accept 6. Select the appropriate time to place your next TimeZone. Example: for the western Indonesian select GMT +7:00 7. Set the size at which you like in addition to writing size 8. Copy the HTML code provided on the notepad 9. Paste the HTML code copied to wherever you want it 10. Completed
Installing the Guest Book on the Blog:
1. Sign in first 2. After the list in a column titled style, click the menu appearance 3. Please click on the pulldown menu next to Load From Preset to set the display of your guest book, please select the appropriate to your liking. When finished click Save Settings. 4. To get the HTML code of your shoutbox, please click Use Shoutbox under the Quick Start menu 5. Click on Place Shoutbox on the web page. Fill in width and height desired shoutbox 6. Copy all the existing HTML code in the text area under the Codes Generated writing, and save on your Notepad program 7. Click on Log out on the top of your screen to exit the page shoutmix you. Please close the site. 8. Completed

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