Uploading Logo into The Mez Template

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Uploading Logo into The Mez Template

Posted by on Oct 15, 2010 in The Mez Template Documentation | 32 comments

When you install The Mez Template for the first time into your blog, you will only find the header with the text on it, not with a logo. Of course, you can easily replace the header text with your own logo if you want. The following are the easy-to-follow instructions.

Preparing Logo

The first thing to do before you upload a logo or image into the blog header is certainly prepare a logo or image with the fixed size to best fit. Create and design your unique logo sized at 300 pixels width and 100 pixels height. If you make the different sized logo or image, you may want to make CSS modification, so we suggest you to create a logo or image at fixed size.
the mez template logo
The background color of the logo should match with the color of the template background, i.e. gray (the hex code is #D8D7D8), or create a transparent logo or image with png format. Logo example:
logo the mez

Uploading Logo

Below are the steps to upload a logo into your blog with The Mez Template:

  1. Login to blogger with your ID.
  2. Click Design.
  3. Click Page Element if you are not yet in the page.
    page elements
  4. Look at the right side of your monitor and then click Edit at the element that has the same title as your blog title.
    edit logo
  5. A new window will pop up and select the radio button for From your computer and then click Browse… find the directory where your logo or image is stored. Under the Placement, select the radio button for Instead of title and description. Click SAVE.
    upload logo
  6. Done.

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