द्रविंग MANGA

How to draw Manga eyes|Drawing Manga eyes:
Eyes – the most important part of an image of Manga. We can see only Manga eyes, and we understand that this is Manga instead of another.
Some of ways how draw Manga eyes you can see on the video, and below some tips are presented of how correctly to draw Manga eyes.

1. As a rule eyes start to draw with the top line. The bigger you wish to draw Manga’s eyes, then bigger a bend you have to draw.
This is the top line of an eye.

In the middle of a bend it is necessary to make the line a little bit more thickly.

Do not forget that the end of the line which will be the internal side of the eye and which will be close to the nose will be always necessary for drawing above the end of a line on the external side of the eye.

2. The bottom line of the eye in many cases is much shorter than the top line of the eye. The bottom line of the eye as a rule has a bend upwards from its external side.

3. After the top and bottom lines of the eye are drawn is necessary to be defined with the side of an inclination of the pupil of Manga eye.
Two lines in the form of a V like this ۷, can help to make a beautiful oval of the pupil.
The both lines must start from a same point under the bottom line of the eye the chapter and leaving in the different sides precisely adjoining with edges of the top line of the eye.
Inside of these lines you can draw the pupil, after you finished draw the pupil, the lines erase.
Different Manga eyes draw with a various inclination of a pupil. And the pupil can be as the oval form, and to not become isolated in an oval above, and just to adjoin the top line of the eye and to have as though not finished oval.

4. The iris of the eye. Usually iris of the Manga eye as a rule represents a set of reflections of light of the various forms. This direction depends where your Manga will look.

5. The pupil in most cases is necessary draw under patches of light; in this case eyes will look more expressive.
But on video there is also other variant.

6. It is necessary for you to not forget to add eyelashes on the external side of the eye; the Manga eyelashes absolutely differ from eyelashes of a human eye.

How to draw Manga eyes-Drawing manga eyes


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