Don Lapre arrested in Arizona

Jeff Neumann — Have you seen this man, in the video above? If you watched television in the middle of the night during the 90s then you probably have! He’s Don Lapre, professional TV con artist and the American Dream draped in a pastel polo shirt, and he was arrested last night in Arizona after a 24-hour run as a fugitive. On Wednesday, he didn’t show up for his arraignment on charges of “conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and promotional money laundering” connected to his marquee product, The Greatest Vitamin in the World. Shockingly, his product wasn’t actually The Greatest Vitamin in the World, but rather it was a scam that netted him $52 million from over 220,000 gullible people.

Sorry, but If you were dumb enough to send this man $39.95 plus $8.65 shipping and handling, well, then you probably deserved to be ripped off (the elderly excluded).


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