Nissan GT-R vs. Aprilia RS4 Factory APRC SE

Car versus motorcycle is a never-ending debate, which can leave both sides of the room shouting and pointing (middle) fingers. Hell for Leather certainly sits on one side of the debate, but the crew also knows a thing or two about four-wheeled modes of transportation. Aprilia came to the HFL team to help produce a video showing what the new 2011 RSV4 Factory APRC SE can do against an automobile on a track.

Monticello’s Mushroom track would be the place for the showdown, and the opponent is none other than a 2010 Nissan GT-R. Since these are two-wheel-loving folks, you can excuse them for stating that the 2010 GT-R produces 530 horsepower. It doesn’t. The 2012 version certainly does, but the 2010 car “gets by” with 485. Still, the coupe is a track assassin, and a worthy opponent to the Aprilia.


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