Avril Lavigne Parties On Yacht

Canadian born punk rocker Avril Lavigne has taken some time away from working on her next project to relax and have some fun with her girlfriends. In true celebrity fashion, Lavigne boarded a luxury Yacht with her pals to party and swim in the South of France.

Reports from Metro UK are saying that the super star looked relaxed and happy in the photographs from the trip that were leaked onto the internet.

While most celebrities continue to make sure that they are always made up just in case someone snaps a photo, Lavigne had no problem kicking back with wet hair and smudged make up.

Lavigne was seen with drink in hand, and having fun with her girlfriends as they danced on the deck in their bikinis, and at one point Avril fooled around giving a lap dance to one of her friends.

The centre of the controversy of this trip Lavigne took with her friends is that she had a wardrobe malfunction with her bikini top and photographers took pictures of the mishap.

Do you think that photographers should leave celebrities alone when they are trying to have private time? Should photographers be allowed to post indecent pictures of celebrities without their permission?


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