Billy Mays’ Last Commercial

Billy Mays here for OxiMoron!

Stubborn stains can make a pretty ugly mess of your household fabrics.. Not anymore! Removing stains just got easier. Just apply OxiMoron and watch that stain grow smaller and smaller, then virtually disappear.

Need help removing a Hot chili stain? No problem, use OxiMoron.

Fried ice cream, OxiMoron!

Jumbo shrimp, OxiMoron!

You will be terribly pleased with the great results. OxiMoron even works on that expensive sleeveless T-shirt you bought last summer, or on your real polyester bedroom curtains. It also works great on the surface of your authentic replica, plastic silverware.

We are not nearly finished! It even works on rubber cement, non-alcoholic beer, and that vegetable beef soup your uninvited guest spilled last night.

You can spend a small fortune on household cleaners, but you won’t. Not until you unleash the power of OxiMoron!

TV Pitchman Billy Mays was found dead in his home Jun 2009 Sunday morning. Cause of death is still unknown. However, Billy was on a flight that had a hard landing and hit his head very hard. Billy also complained about not feeling well before going to bed to his wife.

Devasted the Sham Wow guy was quoted as saying “I guess the German’s didn’t make that plane because you know they make good stuff.”


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