Terrell Owens was often all about Terrell Owens

A recent knee injury and surgery puts the future of Terrell Owens’ career in jeopardy. The wide receiver is not expected to be able to play until October or November. Owens is th active leader in catches.

If the recent surgery to repair a torn knee ligament is his swan song, will we remember him as a lovable and talented scamp or as a guy who squandered some good years and was a team-killer?

Owens’ greatness is hard to question. He’s the active leader in catches (1,078) and second all-time to Jerry Rice in yardage (15,934) and TDs (153). A man who averages 14.8 yards a catch is always a man you want to be throwing to.

Former quarterbacks Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb were two of his primary targets but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also got some of the receiver’s ire.

Terrell Owens was often all about Terrell Owens. But he was also one of the most gifted and toughest pass catchers in NFL history. He made other receivers on his team that much better because of the emphasis that defenses put on him.

While we wait for the phone to ring, here is some good work by some good people that we might have missed while sleeping or remembering Lorenzo Charles and one of the greatest plays in NCAA basketball history.


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