Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Theatre-Playground Productions Presents
A One-Man Outdoor Spectacle
“Life On A Desert Island”
Free Play for Children and Families in Central Park
Come play with Robinson Crusoe and join his adventures
Learn to Survive and Respect the Wilderness!
To find out about dates and locations of performances click below on the red X mark
There are eleven hidden links that tell you more about the show and Robinson. Can you find them all?

“It may be hard to conceive of New York as a desert island, but Samuel Kirk and Jason Vance do so this summer…rotating the role of Robinson Crusoe, adapted by Ugliesa Sajtinac from Daniel Defore’s classic.”New York Times

“A retelling of the tale of Robinson Crusoe, the English adventurer created by Daniel Defoe…a family friendly interactive theatre piece is a ‘timely reminder of how perilous life can be and how resourceful we can become in the face of adversity.'”New York Daily News

“Life on a Desert Island” gives the Robinson Crusoe story an urban update.”New York Post

“The show, based on Robinsoe Crusoe, teaches not only about surviving in the wilderness, but about respecting the environment.”New York Magazine

“The interactive outdoor concept works well…the show’s 60 minutes pass at a swift engaging pace.”Backstage

“The family-oriented production not only showcases practical skills to children such as how to make shelter, plant crops, and build a boat, but helps them confront the issues of human experience – loneliness, fear, misfortune – and come out triumphant on the other side.”Show Business Weekly

“Ever wonder what it would be like on a desert island? Wonder no more when Robinson Crusoe, played in rotation by Samuel Kirk and Jason Vance, lets audiences peek into his storied life through a one-man outdoor play” The Record

“Based on Daniel Defoe’s 1719 classic, Robinson Crusoe…kids can watch as Crusoe demonstrates the basics of fending for himself with only the tools nature provides. They will learn how to find water, grow food; make a trap; unfurl a sail; make a bow and arrow, and more…(suitable) for all ages.”Time Out New York Kids

“The play is truly an adventure…an opportunity to teach thrill-seeking kids about the skills needed to survive in the wilderness….after the show, families can hang out at the playground and relive “Life On A Desert Island” and create their own adventures.” Staten Island Advance

“Remember Robinson Crusoe, the adventurous castaway? Now your kids can get to know him, too, in the spectacular one-man show, “Life on a Desert Island” in Prospect Park. It’s interactive and outdoors, plus it’s free and only 60 minutes. Best of all for all the socially conscious, guilt-ridden parents out there, it’s full of lessons about the environment.”The Brooklyn Paper

“Reminds us of the great adventure of survival, with grace and dignity.”Broadway World

“An interactive guide to surviving the wilderness…performed as a one-man outdoor spectacle play.”Theatermania

“Visit a ‘Desert Island,’…an interactive guide to surviving the wilderness and respecting the environment…audiences have the opportunity to watch and learn how one person can fend for himself.”Brooklyn Parent

“Life on a Desert Island is more than just a play about the adventures of a bearded man stranded on an island, it is also a spectacle about civilization! In his adventure in the wilderness, Robinson Crusoe follows the path from gatherer of plants, to hunter, to farmer and to craftsman.”Free NYC

“Robinson Crusoe visits New York City Parks!”


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