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Andy and Flo Capp live at 37 Durham Street, Hartlepool. Andy is a layabout, a drunkard, a bully, a liar and a gambler. The only reason he’s not a skiver into the bargain is because he hasn’t got a job to skive off in the first place. His put-upon wife Flo is kept working overtime to pay the bills.

Andy’s an everyday northern bloke who can, and does, philosophise on just about anything. Andy and Flo have stuck it out together all these years, and he is still drinking (but not smoking since 1983), still playing football, rugby and snooker and still unemployed.

Andy’s long-suffering wife Flo, also known as “Pet” or “t’other woman”, is always by his side to pick him up (sometimes literally!) and quick to show him the error of his ways. With the exception of an equally wicked temper, she’s everything that Andy is not… loyal, hardworking and self-sufficient.

Even Andy Capp was not immune to the onslaught of political correctness. For three decades of comic-strip dailies, he sported a ‘tab’ (cigarette) in his mouth, but this was quietly deleted in 1983.

Andy is a working class figure, living in Hartlepool, North-East England. His hobbies include pigeon racing, darts, snooker (his cue’s name is “Delilah”), football (which always involves fights with the other players, and frequently ends with Andy being sent off), occasionally cricket and rugby, betting on horses, getting drunk (often falling in the canal and, always, seven nights a week, arriving home late as a result), fishing (and not catching anything bigger than a goldfish), womanising, lying on the sofa and fighting with his long-suffering wife, Florrie (“Flo”).

He was always seen with a cigarette dangling from his lip until the 1980s, perhaps because this was when Reg gave up smoking himself. Similarly, he no longer indulges in fisticuffs with Florrie, because of concerns about the depiction of domestic violence. Instead, they now attend marriage counselling. Andy’s trademark cloth cap is always pulled down over his face.

Andy and Florrie are always on the verge of poverty. Andy is unemployed and lacks motivation, rent on the house and contents are constantly in arrears, and Percy the rent collector despairs of ever being paid. Their furniture has been repossessed on several occasions. Somehow, they always manage to recover it, and Andy is always able to afford beer and betting (usually by borrowing from Florrie). The strip is almost exclusively shown in one of three locations: the pub, the street, or in the Capp’s house at No. 37 Durham Street (generally with Andy on the couch and Florrie yelling from the next room). Lesser visited places include the race track (although Andy frequently bets by listening to the radio, thus saving him the trip), marriage counseling (in one memorable cartoon, a panoramic shot is given of the counselling office, with several entire file cabinets dedicated entirely to the Capps), and the football pitch (where Andy is either being sent off, or carried off).

Andy and Flo’s best friends are their neighbours Chalkie and Rube White. Chalkie is like Andy, a hard-drinking, hard-scrabble type who can often be seen sharing a pint with Andy at the corner pub; however, Chalkie seems to be more mellow than Andy and more tolerant of his wife. Also unlike Andy, Chalkie was known to be employed, if intermittently, during much of the strip’s run. Rube is Flo’s confidante, and the two often trade gossip about their husbands’ latest escapades. The Vicar is also seen often; Andy despairs of his holier-than-thou attitude, and he is constantly criticising Andy for his drinking and gambling, and often lets his opinion be known to Flo, who frequently agrees with his assessments of Andy’s character. Percy Ritson the rent collector and Jackie the barman are often seen, as well. Flo’s mother, an unseen character, is often engaged in conversation at the door, but never actually comes inside or is physically seen in the comic strip.

Flo’s mum is often the subject of Andy’s pointed barbs about her weight and less-than-sunny disposition, but she has been known to give as good as she gets. Flo has an older sister, Polly, who is never seen.

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